Cormet’s story starts with the building of VVER nuclear power plants in Finland at the end of 1970’s. The delivery did not include much data about the power-plant construction materials. As a goverment-owned research organisation, VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) was asked to start building knowledge base, expertise and a testing laboratory. The first autoclaves and other high-pressure high-temperature corrosion- and material-testing instruments were built for VTT by Cormet’s predecessor.

During the 1980’s Cormet delivered instruments to laboratories relating to nuclear-power generation relate in several countries in Europe. Gradually the customer base expanded to oil and gas industry related customers, because the same high-pressure high-temperature instruments can be used in various applications.

Currently Cormet provides material and corrosion testing instruments to customers all over the world. We design and build customised corrosion testing instruments for various environments, applications, needs and customers.